The "absurd" ideas of Jurgita from Lithuania

Jurgita Jakubauskaite owns design studio “Absurdo idėjos” (Ideas of Absurd) since 2010. Jurgita says that by choosing such name, she was not trying to shock anybody, she just wanted to define precisely the philosophy of her company. The word absurd means something unreasonable, illogical while the idea is the main core of a product. It follows that the aim of the Ideas of Absurd aim is to give meaning to absurdity: to provide a new life to all kind of unused materials.

All things created by Jurgita are being made from recycled materials – sitting bags are made from old jeans and coats filled with second-hand clothes, accessories like men ties – from jeans. Besides that, she is making hard furniture items (desks, chairs, lamps), handbags, necklaces, earrings, brooches. The materials usually come from friends and supporters of her idea.

Jurgita is also the organizer of one of the first open “recycled design” workshop in Vilnius. For the fourth year, she creates original design items using secondary raw materials and things which appear useless already or are not valuable to most people. Looking at light fixtures, furniture, interior elements, handbags, accessories and many other items resurrected to live in new forms, you can trace that they have come from ambitious absurd ideas developed from a garbage heap into a brand-new philosophy.

Since Jurgita has no purpose to impress but to spread this kind of philosophy, the charismatic owner of the Ideas of Absurd willingly shares her experience and skills with others. Both in a newly equipped workshop in Tauragnai and in urban residence at Uzupis Art Incubator she organizes workshops during which you can not only become acquainted with the principles of ecology but also to be involved into the process of recycling and revitalizing things for a second life to transform your household and your mind.


Company name: Ideas of Absurd

Founder: Jurgita Jakubauskaitė

Business field: recycling of all kind of unused material by producing furniture, accessories.

Location: Lithuania (Tauragnai)

Founding date: 2010


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