Monife - the story of Tony from Bulgaria

Antoaneta Kirilova – an exceptionally cheerful and fascinating young lady and an owner of Monife - Events and Communications Agency

The key to your unforgettable adventure and the salt of my job is the ability to understand your dreams and turn them into an experience of joy and shared love.”

Antoaneta (known as Tony) defines herself as someone who by nature is very vigorous and in a constant need to pursue various activities that develop and inspire her. "I love to explore life, people’s relationships and seek joy everywhere," she said.

She lives and works in the town of Sandanski. Currently, she does several things simultaneously, as well as running her own business. ”I still manage to work as a volunteer in an NGO that is involved in social activities and also do some tourism support initiatives from time to time. My company "Monife" is an agency that provides complete logistic support and event management of personal and professional events and celebrations.”

Tony has been considering the idea of setting up the agency ever since 2014 but has realised it at the beginning of 2016. Since then, in just a few months, Monife has organised six weddings and numerous personal and family holidays. The first event that Tony organised was a challenge for her inspiration as she was invited to organise the dream wedding of a close friend, who trusted her completely without even knowing her style or work approach.

I started with a lot of confidence that the agency is what I want to do and develop in the future. The time before you start-up a business is crucial. It is necessary to give yourself enough time to ponder and explore your strengths, weaknesses, talents, as well as the many things you like and enjoy. We should know in the first place if we would like to own a business or be part of it as an employee. Once I have realised what I was passionate about, I started sharing my idea with friends. Then, my friends became my first clients. It gave me the confidence that I needed to continue moving forward.”

The biggest inspiration for Tony lies in the constant search for the truth about life, happiness and joy. “My business brings me satisfaction, a field of expression, many development opportunities and a constant source of dreams that I would like to pursue and achieve”.

“The reasons for not starting your own business could be justified by fear, scepticism or just by choosing the wrong business idea itself. So I would say just the nature of what is stopping you before giving it a go. You should allow inspiration and intuition to settle in. Believe that you have the entire resources to make what you were born to do, and what you lack, you could achieve later in the process of developing your business idea and through the support of people around you”.

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