TatjanaPokupec Božić is an economist and an entrepreneur from Croatia. She inherited a land in the heart of the Croatia province Hrvatsko Zagorje. At the same time, she enrolled and completed training for the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants. She wanted to connect these resources and add something magical, special and unique. Thus was born the idea of planting lavender on the continent!

With a full-time job in one of the companies in Zagreb, Capital City of Croatia, Tatjana has a plantation of lavender near Desinić, a small village in Hrvatsko Zagorje. She planted her first crops in 2003, and in the next 13 years, she has had to learn a lot because she was one of the first who decided to plant Mediterranean plant on the continent.

From her own grown lavender, Tatjana makes handmade products; fragrant bags of different sizes, essential oils, floral water, soaps, pillows, and according to customer wishes, she packs them together and makes gift packages.

Tatjana devises her products mainly alone, on her own. Products made of lavender are well sold as a souvenir, therefore her customers are mostly foreigners, but local people often look for fragrant bags and oil, regardless of age. “Everyone loves that smell,” says Tatjana with a smile on her face.

Tatjana is expanding her product range slowly, every year. She has provided continuous sale. “Everything about lavender makes me happy. I organize my work by myself, and it is very interesting and fun to create final products. Products we sell are travelling all over the world. I think there is no continent where one of my products had not travelled, and there is also a part of me travelling along my products because I made them with my own hands. That makes me happy and fulfilled.”

Tatjana has a lot of plans for the future of her lavender. Currently, she is purchasing a land on which she wants to expand the plantation, plant some new sorts of aromatic plants and complete facility that she built before. Her ultimate goal is to live from lavender. “Of course, I am aware this is not a job where you can become materially rich, but this is not what I want.”

For future women, entrepreneurs and anyone with a business idea, Tatjana has a message: “You must be very persistent, follow your dream and do not overlook the others. Each of us has its own unique story. Basically, you’re alone, but if you believe, the way you will find well-intentioned people who will give you a hand.”


Entrepreneur: Tatjana Pokupec Božić

Company name: OPG Tatjana Pokupec Božić

Area: Bio lavender cultivation, Lavender products, Internet selling

Location: Hrvatsko zagorje, Desinić, Croatia

Date: 2003.

More information:  http://www.bio-lavanda.com/


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