Inspiration and creativity

Íris Ösp Sveinbjörnsdóttir is an imaginative and creative graphic designer from Iceland,. She graduated with BA degree from the University Accademia Italiana in Florence, Italy, where she still lives but she is planning to return to Iceland in a few months. Íris works as a freelancer in advertisements and in product development. She likes every aspect of the creation process. What gives her the most inspiration and satisfaction is when she has the opportunity to shape and design the overall look of companies. Her main interest is to design logos and product lines. She has a very rich interested in three-dimensional programs, and to help companies create the right image and working in partnership with owners and managers. Íris is also designing her own products and her capability in graphic design is clearly evident. For example, she wrote, illustrated and designed in collaboration with his son the book Sokkaskrímslið (Sock Monster), with completion she published the book herself in Iceland.
Íris has designed her own shoe line that she is currently working to bring into production. The shoes have patterns that buyers colour themselves. She calls the line "Colour my Monster" and the idea behind the line is that the owners of the shoes become creators of it. Some prefer shoes with no colours, only clean lines, others want all the colours in the world around them, others take their favourite colours and this allows their creativity to run wild.
"What gives me by far the biggest influence, is to be surrounded by other hardworking and creative people. It does not harm either if the team is diverse and the projects are challenging”

Íris also works a lot with photography and photo processing and it is one of her biggest interests. She loves to photograph people and feelings and also mixing photography with graphic design.
“Achieving to capture emotion on film or to awake emotions by looking at a photo is an extraordinary thing”
Iris works her biggest part of her work under the label PunkLand and she keeps up the website and Facebook page
Íris established a Facebook page called Skapandi fólk (Creative people) which is intended as a place for creative people in Iceland. There can individuals and other parties in the design and/or production field established their product and let other people know what they are doing. It is also a platform to promote creatives in Iceland.





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