Organic – from passion to business

There are those types of people that have the ability to motivate others and “infect” them with their passion, self-devotion and enthusiasm.

Such is the story of Ani Simeonova from Sandanski who is currently living her dream of owning and managing her own organic cosmetics e-shop. Ani, a mother of two, has been working as a project manager in a non-profit organization for the past 20 years.

“I have always had the passion for organic products, bio cosmetics and clean food”. During her work as a project manager, she has participated in many projects that dealt with supporting local producers and manufacturers in growing and producing organic food and products. “I have always worked for promoting the production of organic producers in my community and helped many producers and food companies find markets abroad”. “I have always thought of setting up an organics shop myself, but never had the time or courage to do it …or at least I always had that as a reason for my lack of confidence”. It all changed when she visited her first trade show for organic products where she met many women who have already started their businesses and had their stories to tell and share. She came back home full of energy, plans, confidence and …… she started.

“At first it is always difficult. I have invested a lot of time and energy in my first shop. But when you do something with passion, you get much more than you give.”. At the beginning, Ani opened a small shop in one hotel in the town of Sandanski, where she tried to sell her first products to the visiting tourist, who were often foreigners and people that did not bother spending more money on organic cosmetics and products. “Sandanski is a small community where everyone knows each other, so “word of mouth” and nowadays “Facebook” can do miracles”. This is how she started. Halfway through she realized that it is time to move to the next challenge – setting up an electronic shop. This is where she used the help of some colleagues and friends that she had worked with and who helped her with the purely “technical” aspect of going online.

Two years after she owns a very successful organic e-shop where she sells various products to clients from all over Bulgaria. She has signed contracts with famous brands and distributors of organic cosmetics and plans to expand even further. “It is wonderful to see the joy in the eyes of the clients. Words like „Thank you for the wonderful products”, “We are happy to have you” give me the greatest confidence to continue and to know that what I do is right. “My biggest inspiration is my clients”.

She tries to motivate other women to follow her path. In the meantime, she continues working as a part-time project manager and tries to promote organic products and “way of living” even further in her community and region.

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Last modified: Friday, 6 July 2018, 12:30 PM