Supplements from the pure nature of Iceland

Pure Natura Ltd. is an Icelandic company focused on marketing the purest whole food supplement in the world, using only all Icelandic natural ingredients. The company uses organ meats from free range, grass fed lambs that are raised without pesticides, hormones or antibiotics, in combination with Icelandic wild harvested herbs.

The company is owned by Hildur Þóra Magnúsdóttir, Rúna Kristin Sigurðardóttir, Sigriður Ævarsdóttir and Halldór Gunnlaugsson.

Hildur Thora Magnusdottir is the founder and manager of Pure Natura. Her background is in finance, management and business consulting. She lives in rural Skagafjordur with her husband, three children, hens, horses and a cat.

It all started when Hildur attended a course where the topic was an improvement in women´s health and how women could improve their well-being.  The course discussed the ill effects of toxic substances in the environment and on women´s hormonal activity.

The company is in Saudarkrokur, Northern-Iceland, where there has been a decline in population for many years. This is largely attributable to lack of job opportunities for women, says Hildur. Our company aims to employ women, which makes it an important input for the society.  We want to be a role model for business entrepreneurs by showing that it´s possible to run businesses on a win-win basis.

Our vision is to run the operation in such a way that everyone involved benefits; the animals (due to good living condition during their lifetime), the farmers (by getting better prices for their products), the slaughterhouse owners (by reduced disposal costs), the environment (because of less pollution of water and soil), the community by creation of jobs/taxes and the company by profit and the consumers (improved health, better quality of life).

Pure Natura takes ingredients that are little used in Iceland today for human feed and turns them into highly nutritious whole food supplements. The company is currently producing and selling four supplement products from desiccated lamb organs and herbs: is Pure Liver, which is a mixture of lamb liver and wild, handpicked herbs known to be good for the liver. This product is for consumers who want to support their liver on daily basis and after too much consumption of heavy food, drugs, alcohol, etc.  2.nd is Pure Nutrition, made from lamb liver only. It is for those who lack nutrients in their diet, the elderly, children etc.  3.rd is Pure Heart, made from Icelandic lamb hearts and wild handpicked herbs.  This product is a nutrition for the cardiovascular system and is for all who want to take good care of their heart.  Pure Power is the 4th one and contains both lamb heart and -liver in combination with nourishing herbs. It is for those who aim for energy and vitality or are under physical or mental strain.

We take old knowledge from our grandmothers because they knew how important and wholesome the organ meat is. In our product we combine this knowledge with new technology, to make a product that modern people can relate to and make use of. We try to work sustainably, think globally and act locally. And we create a company that leads from the heart and cares for life in its big and complex form, says Hildur!

“It was not easy to start the company, “says Hildur” and I met many obstacles, it was hard to get start-capital and some ideas ended in the blind gate.  There were a lot of new things that I needed to learn but the whole process has been very instructive. I think the authorities in Iceland need to create an even better entrepreneurial environment to promote and support innovative activities, states Hildur.

To all women who want to set up their own business, I would say: Perseverance is the most important tool to overcome obstacles. Look for assistance, you don´t need to invent the wheel! Believe in yourself, your business idea and have fun!

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