Entrepreneur: Becky Lyne

Company name: Tryumph Health

Area: Health and fitness

Location: Yorkshire, England, UK

More information: www.tryumphhealth.com

I’ve been lucky in life. From a young age, I discovered what my passion was: Health. In pursuing a healthy lifestyle, this led me to become a professional athlete. The happiness and enjoyment I find in being active and eating healthily, plus the psychological growth that comes hand in hand with pushing your limits and bucking the norm is something that I love to try and share with others.

And so my business Tryumph Health was born: Helping people to Try-umph with a Y. Being healthy these days requires a concerted effort, but ‘with a strong reason ‘Y’, you can achieve any ‘how’’ (Viktor Frankl). Rather than to impose, – which as a young girl I soon realised doesn’t work when self-righteously trying to get my Grandpa to stop smoking! – my hope is to inspire people to take action themselves.

I offer a range of Try-Sports and Fitness Sessions for all ages and abilities, Corporate and School Wellness Workshops plus Children’s Holiday Camps. The core values of community, empowerment and fun are at the heart of all that I do. Likewise, all of the services have ethical foundations and angles such as in supporting a number of local charities by donating up to 10% of sports subscriptions to them, offering Kenyan Twinnings to schools I work with and upholding a ‘one for one’ deal on Corporate Packages whereby companies can nominate another not-for-profit organisation to benefit from my services at an equivalent value.

I saw the FREE project advertised in a Derbyshire Dales business buletin. As a fledgeling business, and with zero experience of running one, I was very open to receiving any help and guidance in building and developing.

Right from the very first meeting, I felt a real sense of belonging and support from the group. I was really inspired to be around such intelligent and hard-working women that uphold such great levels of integrity in all that they strive to do. I was also comforted to learn of the challenges that they face in their businesses and subsequent thought processes, as they were so similar to my own.

I received so much encouragement, reassurance and good advice from the ladies that shed a new light and confidence on what I endeavour to achieve. I left each meeting with much food for thought and action points to fulfil.

An unanticipated side benefit was in negotiating skill swaps and gaining new clients!

My mission is to help as many people as I can to lead a healthier life. My involvement in the programme has been a real catalyst in helping to achieve this.

As well as the progress I made in developing my ideas by bouncing them off the ladies in the group, the subsequent networking and contacts I have gained have set me headlong on a journey to turning these ideas into tangible services that can be rolled out with maximum efficiency and reach.

On a personal level, I have also noticed a palpable shift in my own approach to business. I improved significantly on all the soft skills that we ranked ourselves on at the beginning of the mentoring circle, and I now no longer feel like an ‘amateur’ tentatively playing at seeing if I can run a successful business.

I’m so grateful for the support I have received in the circles and highly recommend any female entrepreneurs to join one. We can achieve so much more in working together. It was heart-warming to know that the only agenda in the meetings was to help each other to be the best that we can be. It was precisely the boost I needed to take the next steps in my business and has expedited the process far beyond what I anticipated.  And so my ‘luck’ continues…

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