Dream Deco – the story of Desi from Bulgaria

Desislava Yankova - Kostadinova is a 32 years old lady from the town of Sandanski, Bulgaria and an owner of “Dream Deco Studio”. Desislava is a real inspiration for women from her community. A loving wife and mother of a 7-year-old girl, Desislava has a Masters in Law, but she would like to refer to herself more as an artist than as a lawyer.

“I design and create handcraft personalised items, not only with my hands but with all my soul”. "Dream Deco" was "born" about three years ago. Initially, it was just a hobby that gradually became a successful business. My creations include baby and wedding albums for pictures, jewellery boxes, picture frames, greeting cards, recipe books and many, many more.  Through the things I make, I express myself, my understanding of beauty and aesthetics and how I see and feel the world as a whole.  I love to create products that can really “touch” people. The best prize for my work is the kind words and even the tears of joy of my satisfied clients!

To all who hesitate and fear to take the risk of doing something on your own, I would say only – “IT’S WORTH IT”. When you do what you love, you do not work, you are living it ... and success is imminent!

"Everything that is done, prepared, cared for, created, kissed, smiled, brought up with love is destined to succeed in time." Kim Reiki

You can Desislava’s art creations on her Facebook page:  https://m.facebook.com/DreamDecoBg/?locale2=bg_BG

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