E-Learning Modules

Welcome to the Free project online learning tool to boost your key business related skills and competences such as product development, marketing, and social media.

This section contains a range of e-learning modules to aid women develop key business related skills and competences such as product development, marketing, and social media. The contents of each module are available in all five consortium languages and include many external resources and supporting material, such as tests, exercises, quotations, examples, articles, etc. to allow women with entrepreneurial spirit to assist them to start up or develop their small business.

Main objectives: The participants will acquire the basic knowledge and skills to be able to create a webpage and an online store for their businesses.  They will become acquainted with the main topics related to website and sales page construction by using pre-built sales site templates and payment systems; and with the basic concepts and elements of a company homepage and plugins as part of an online sales tool. Participants will also learn about making videos for the web with pre-built software. 

Expected outcomes / results: At the end of the module, participants will be able to understand the basic principles of selling online and be able to create an online store, a webpage, and videos for their businesses.

Key words: digital sales, digital economy, webpage, sales site, online store, smart devices, payment systems, videos, VideoScribe, Stupeflix, YouTube, domain, hosting, WordPress, Shopify, PayPal.

Duration: Approximately 2,5 hours

Introduction: The E-Sales module provides a brief but rather practical overview of the main tools and techniques for business start-up to improve their online performance and presentation. The module provides a simple step-by-step guide on how to develop a company website, create an online shop and utilize various online tools to boost the e-sales of small companies. The module contains a lot of pictures and straightforward tutorials. 

Main objectives: To introduce to participant’s practical tools and exercises when preparing a business strategy for their business. 

Expected outcomes / results: Participants will be able to write a short business plan using business canvas. Participants will be able to identify their core businesses and products using analysis such as USP, Pestle and SWOT. Participants know the main topics regarding export and how to prepare for exporting their goods and services.

Key words / terms: Products, business plan, business canvas, PESTLE, SWOT, USP,

Duration: approximately 2 hours. 

Introduction: In this module, participants will learn how to define their businesses, how to find their Unique Selling Proposition, and how to use Pestle and SWOT analysis. Participants will learn how to use Business canvas as a way to define their products, markets, target groups, costs and income and will have prepared a business canvas at the end of the module.

Main objectives:  To introduce learners to the basics of finance for small businesses. The module includes various topics that aim to improve your knowledge and basic skills in the field of finance and basic business planning. In addition, the module will introduce you to some of the main sources of funding that are available to small business owners – either from private or public sources. Learners could also find out more about the main parts and the basics of how to write a grant application.  At the end of the lesson, we will showcase some best practices of successful small businesses that were collected in the frame of project FREE.

Expected outcomes / results: At the end of the module, learners will be able to understand the basic terms and principle of financing for small businesses and how to exploit the various funding opportunities that are available from both public and private sources. At the end of the module, participants will be acquainted with some existing businesses that were established by women. Learners will also become aware of the most popular and novel funding platforms – crowdfunding.

Key words / terms: finance, small businesses, financial plan,  key performance indicators, bookkeeping, crowdfunding, preparation, loan, donations, grants, loans, bartering, trading, financial policies, European funds, private investors, business angels, equity sharing, venture capitals, project proposal, summary, timetable, budget, personnel, donor;

Duration:  approximately 2 hours

Introduction: The main objective of the e-learning module is to introduce learners with the basic knowledge that is needed to understand small business finance. The module provides a brief explanation of the key terms of the finance world that every small business owner should know about, as well as some basic financial planning tips for SMEs. In addition, the various funding options and sources for small businesses are presented in brief in order to facilitate the decision of small businesses in which type of funding will be most appropriate for their needs. At the end of the module, there are some tips on how to write a basic grant application form, as well as some stories from successful small businesses.

Main objectives: To equip women thinking of starting up in business or developing their rural businesses with basic skills and knowledge about marketing concepts and how to use Social Media effectively to develop their businesses.

Expected outcomes / results: At the end of the module, learners will be able to understand the basic principles of effective marketing for a small business and how to use various Social Media tools to develop their businesses.

Key words/terms: marketing; social media; online marketing; Facebook; Linkedin; Twitter; blogs; strategy; growth hacking

Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Introduction: The Marketing and Social Media e-learning module for FREE presents basic concepts of marketing and focuses on introducing marketing online using Social Media for small businesses to achieve business development, growth and success.

Main objectives: to introduce to the concept of New Product Development and its importance in company’s management process; to present the stages of New Product Development and guide in using them practically; to introduce to product lifecycle in order that trainees will keep managing the product after launching it.

Expected outcomes/results: by completing this course, trainees will learn how to transform a market opportunity into a product available for sale; they will know what product “experiences” when it finally reaches the market.                                                                         

Key words/terms: product development process, product development stages, product strategy, SWOT analysis, target market, customer, product development cycle, product lifecycle.

Duration: approximately 1.5 hours.

Introduction: The Product Development module for FREE presents new product development process and its stages focus on each step by answering to question what it is about, what should be done to implement and how to do it practically.